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Wednesday, 25 July 2012

July News

Our new products this July include

A 98% natural masculine soap scented with patchouli and pomegranate underpinned with spicy pink pepper with added shea butter to moisturise

A beautiful 100% natural mini gardeners hand care set containing Orange & Calendula Hand Scrub, Grapefruit & Ginger Hand Balm and Lemon & Rosemary Soap

A beautiful mini bucket of treats, containing a Summer Haze Solid Perfume, Aloe & Blue Lilac Soap, a luxurious Vanilla Bath Truffle and a Candyfloss Bath Bomb

Special Offers (ends 31/07/12)

A beautiful 100% natural and fragrance free gift set for the yummy mummy to be consisting of specially blended Yummy Mummy Tummy Oil and Body Butter.  Now only £16

100% natural and now only £5.20

Sweet Summer Bath Bombs  Now only £3.50
3 beautiful bath bombs made with moisturising sweet almond oil, one each of  jelly bean, candy floss and love spells fragrances

Competition Updates
Our winner of our newsletter give away of a pack of six soap samples is Marianne Youngson ...congratulations we will post it out to you later today
Our next newsletter give away will be on 25/09/12 and we will announce the prize in 2 weeks time, I think it may be a big one!

The Facebook competition for a Strawberry Champagne Lip Butter is getting there slowly with another 128 followers needed before we announce a winner
We need onther 170 followers before we give away some more soap samples on Twitter
We are now also on Pinterest ...we are new on there so would appreciate any support

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Mineral Makeup Range

Our new range of mineral makeup is 100% natural made from natural earth minerals 
It is free from
Bismuth oxychloride
Artificial dyes
FD&C colours
Parabens and other preservatives

The range includes, foundation, blusher, eye shadows and colour corrector

Mineral Foundation

Mineral foundation is simple to apply to achieve a flawless finish. 
It is best applied with a Kabuki brush in fine layers to achieve the look you require, from a very sheer and natural look to full coverage
It has many benefits such as natural UVA/UVB protection
It will not clog pores
It will help reduce shine from oily skin
It lasts well in a humid environment and even in the gym
Water resistant
Its light diffusing properties give a more youthful appearance
Vegan friendly
Fully hypoallergenic
Mineral Eye Shadow

 Mineral eye shadow is in powder form making it extremely versatile. One pot can be used as liner, for block colour and for shading. 
For use as a liner or as a block colour, apply using a wet brush to give a vivid lasting colour, or use dry for shading.
Mineral Blusher 
  Our mineral blusher is available in 5 shades

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Getting Skin Ready For Spring

Its that time of year again to start thinking about losing some of the winter layers and maybe exposing a bit of skin...the perfect time to tell you about our new products and its all about exfoliate and moisturise!

Our new Super Berry Body Scrub will get you on your way to be ready for summer. It is a sea salt scrub (so don't use on broken skin) packed with oils and cranberry seeds with a wild berry allergen free fragrance for a fantastic in shower scrub. For best results turn off the shower, massage into skin then rinse off.

Follow this by using one of our new Body Butters, available in Strawberry, Creamy Coconut and Jasmine. These work best by massaging a small amount into damp skin....and a little goes a long way! Applying to damp skin allows the moisture to be trapped into the skin leaving you beautifully moisturised. All our butters (unlike most commercial brands) contain NO water. This means that not only do they last longer and go further, you are also not paying for a product where the main ingredient is water, which then needs preservatives, emulsifiers and other unnecessary ingredients!


Wednesday, 21 March 2012

New Facial Products

It has been a while since we updated the blog, probably because we have been very busy launching the new products in our facial range.

Firstly we have our beautifully fragranced facial scrub. This is a 100% natural sugar scrub with vitamin E, shea butter and rose otto essential oil which leaves the skin feeling silky smooth with a rosy glow. To use the scrub, gently massage into damp skin and rinse off with hand hot water preferably using a face cloth

We also have launched our facial cleanser, this is an 100% natural oil based cleanser fragranced with essential oils of geranium and lavender. It gently cleanses and leaves the skin feeling cleansed and moisturised. We have found the most effective method is to apply with cotton wool and once cleansed rinse with hand hot water preferably with a face cloth.

Finally, we have given our facial serum a new look. It is the same facial serum but is now beautifully packaged to reflect the quality of the wonderful ingredients inside...including rosehip oil, shea butter, jojoba oil and vitamin E

For more information visit our Website

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Skincare Labels…what do they mean?

It is no wonder that we blindly carry on covering our bodies in potentially toxic chemicals when skincare labels and marketing can be so very deceptive. Even companies that market themselves as natural often include parabens and other nasties.

So…firstly, what are the laws regarding labelling? 

Simple, all products must clearly have the ingredients labelled in order of quantity unless the product is too small to do this! 

How many of your make up and skincare products do not have an ingredient list on? 

The next question is why do these companies break the law in regard to labelling? We’ll leave you that question to think about!

The ingredients list must be labelled with the ingredients' INCI names. This is another reason it is so difficult to understand, as ingredients that are good for you can sound as confusing as those that aren’t. For example Butyrospermum parkii is the INCI name for shea butter. 

There is also very limited information available on the potentially harmful or carcinogenic ingredients found in everyday products

Here are a few nasties to look out for:

Sodium lauryl sulphate  (SLS) – A foaming agent used in most personal care products, a known skin irritant

Sodium laureth sulphate (SLES) – Often found in products that are marketed as SLS free, as less of an irritant than SLS (we still choose not use this in our products)

Mineral oil - Also known as liquidum paraffinum, paraffin oil, petroleum oil, petroleum jelly or paraffin wax . It is a petroleum byproduct and coats the skin like plastic.  It is difficult to absorb and clogs the pores, which slows the skin’s ability to eliminate toxins

Propylene glycol - Called a humectant in cosmetics, it is really "industrial anti-freeze" and the major ingredient in brake and hydraulic fluid. Tests show it can be a strong skin irritant. 

Parabens (methyl, propyl, butyl, and ethyl) - Used as inhibitors of microbial growth and to extend shelf life of products. Widely used even though they are known to be toxic.

 To find out just how nasty these chemicals are google the ingredient MSDS (material safety data sheet) These can be a heavy read, but are very insightful!

Or there are many independent reports such as www.health-report.co.uk (Karma Naturals has no connection with this website)

At the end of the ingredients list are the potential allergens. These are calculated from the amount of fragrance or essential oil used. There are 26 potential allergens that need to be listed of which 16 occur naturally in essential oils. These are Amyl cinnamal, Amyl cinnamal alcohol, Anisyl alcohol, Benzyl alcohol, Cinnamyl alcohol, Citral, Limonene, Linalool, Geraniol, Cinnamal, Iso eugenol, Eugenol, Citronellol, Hydroxycitronellal, Hexyl cinnamal, Benzyl cinnamate, Farnesol, Methyl heptine carbonate, Alpha methyl ionone, Oak moss extract, Tree moss extract, Benzyl benzoate, Courmarin, Liliestralis, Lyral, Benzyl Salicylate. 

Other labeling terms can also be misleading

 “Hypo-allergenic” - This is a term used by manufacturers and there is no regulation on its use, all it actually means is that the manufacturer believes it is less likely to cause allergic reactions than some other products on the market.

“Fragrance free” – Some products use fragrance to mask the natural smell and to make it fragrance free

“Not tested on animals” - Every synthetic chemical has been tested on animals! Companies can claim that they do not test on animals as they have not personally tested their products. This is because someone else has already tested the individual ingredients for them. You can rest assured every single synthetic chemical in your non-animal tested products has actually been tested on animals to determine how toxic the chemicals are for human use.

It is estimated that we absorb up to 70% of what we put on our skin...do you know what is in your skin care products?

Friday, 10 February 2012

Friday Madness!

Todays special offer is a huge 50% OFF our Love Spell Perfume Oil 

Now only £2

This a beautiful oil with rollerball applicator is fragranced with ripe peaches, apples and pears blended with sweet berries, manarin zest, fruit blossoms and soft musk with a hint of vanilla

We also are promoting our Limited Edition Valentines Bath Bombs
Buy today or tomorrow morning and we will automatically send them out Royal Mail 1st class 

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Thursdays Bargain

Todays special offer is the Luscious Lips Gift Set 

This is our ultimate lip care gift set with 9 x 5ml balms, butters, scrubs, tints and shimmers

Passionfruit Lip Butter 

Rhubarb & Custard Lip Balm

Vanilla Sugar Lip Scrub

3 x Tinted Lip Balms

3 x Lip Shimmers

Idividually these products would be £28, today only £20