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Wednesday, 11 January 2012

New Website

New Website

Well...it has been a while coming, but the new website is almost ready to launch! 

The on line store is packed with loads of handmade skincare products is due to open on Feb 6th 2012 with all of the products 98-100% natural!

We thought this might be a good opportunity to let our followers see a sneak preview of some of our new products 

Our new yummy Passion Fruit Lip Butter is packed with shea and cocoa butter

Our Raspberry Swirl soap is made with organic oils and smells divine 

Check out our other new products on 6th Feb at


  1. yes...I know they are blackberries!!!

  2. Your products look so yummy!! Will have to check out the new website and share with others :)

  3. Organic Lassie...I am enjoying reading your Blog! http://organiclassie-organicgoodies.blogspot.com/ There can never be too much information available on chemicals in skincare, thanks :)

    1. Hi, thank you! I've just found your reply. As much as I love organic products, my technological abilities escape me a tad... I'm just getting going with the blog, so much to write but it's taking a while to figure it all out. Looking forward to purchasing some products from you, just waiting for pay day! (My name's changed as I've switched to google +, will see how that goes) :)